The last 5 years

Josephine County Sheriff’s Office

Previous Administration

July 2012 thru June 2015

  • Eliminated 61 positions due to budget cuts
  • Eliminated the detectives unit
  • No longer had staffing to answer phones for non-emergent calls
  • Patrol unit was only 5 days a week for 8 hour shifts; in Nov 2014 patrol unit was increased to 7 days a week for 10 hour shifts
  • Installed new exterior cameras for our evidence warehouse
  • 2 deputies completed the Corrections Academy

Sheriff Dave Daniel elected

July 2015 thru June 2016

  • Received a $10,000 Chaney Foundation Grant for purchase of external carriers
  • Started using the North Pointe Classification Program
  • Added a jail bed dedicated to the City of Cave Junction
  • Added 10 treatment beds through JRI funding
  • Increased level of booking to include Eludes
  • Brought active shooter presentations to the schools
  • Conducted saturation patrols including a Sex Offender Sweep, Operation Boo and Operation Lucky Charm
  • Added a full time forest service deputy
  • 5 deputies completed the Corrections Academy and 1 deputy completed the Basic Police Academy

July 2016 thru June 2017

  • Reinstated our volunteer patrols and the use of a “dummy” patrol car
  • Purchased a new camera system for the jail using commissary funds
  • CHL processing time reduced from 4 months to 5 weeks
  • 6 deputies completed the Corrections Academy and 2 deputies completed the Basic Police Academy

July 2017 thru June 2018

  • Jail levy passed in May 2017 – had it not passed we would have had to eliminate our patrol division and reduce the jail capacity to 95
  • Purchased a body scanner to be used in the jail through the use of commissary funds
  • Purchased in-car video cameras for every patrol vehicle
  • Implemented a new concealed weapons permit system
  • Purchased a Livescan device to reduce the amount of fingerprints rejected by the state
  • The civil division increased their service days for CHL’s and reduced processing time to 3 weeks
  • Added Animal Care to the Sheriff’s Office and added an Animal Care Supervisor
  • Reception phone lines opened for non-emergent calls 5 days a week
  • Anti-bullying presentation at Sunny Valley Charter School
  • Added 9 patrol positions which included 3 resident deputies and a school resource deputy – 8 filled at year end
  • Added 9 jail deputy positions plus an additional 3 through JRI funding
  • 9 deputies completed the Corrections Academy and 7 deputies completed the Basic Police Academy


  • Completed the Lexipol policy manual
  • Raised the jail capacity to 185
  • Extended hours of patrol service to 12 hours in a 24 hour period
  • Our 3 resident deputies have been assigned offices in 3 different schools in Josephine County
  • 3 deputies currently attending the Corrections Academy and 3 more scheduled to attend