Candidate Statement

We have seen positive change to law enforcement in Josephine County.  My name is Dave Daniel and I bring with me the continued demand for professional public safety services to all of Josephine County.  I have nearly 24 years in law enforcement working for city, county and state agencies. During that time I have attained numerous certifications, recognition’s and awards including the Law Enforcement Medal of Honor in 2013.

As promised, in four years I have placed more Deputies in the field and in our schools.  Resident Deputies can now focus on crime and livability issues. I have increased the jail inmate capacity by 30%.  I have not lost or settled on any claims against Josephine County. I have built positive partnerships in the fields of mental health, education, law enforcement, women’s crisis support and with our many religious communities.  We now have more neighborhood and community watches than ever. My goal is to attain permanent funding not solely from property taxes and reestablish 24/7 patrols and a detectives division.

I have kept every promise made when running 4 years ago and shown to be a “Can Do Sheriff”.  My mission remains the same to ensure the Life, Liberty, Property and Safety of every man, woman and child within Josephine County.  Working together we are and will continue to take Josephine County Back.

Thank you for your support over the last 4 years and I ask you for another opportunity to serve this great county as Josephine County Sheriff.

— Sheriff Dave Daniel