Re-elect Dave Daniel

for Josephine County Sheriff

Re-elect Dave Daniel; Promises Made – Promises Kept.

Increased Staffing.

On September 6th, 2018 following a meeting with the Board of County Commissioners your Sheriff’s Office was provided with more positions.  The monies came from Secure Rural Schools which is from the federal government.  The money was unanticipated and can be stretched over a 5 year period.

The office has long been in need of another Records Clerk to serve your non-emergent needs and answer your calls for service better so we will be adding a Records Clerk.  We also received funding for 3 additional Patrol Deputies.  Currently we are looking into adding hours of service into the night covering calls for service from 11pm to 7am but we are still in the design phase of how we can best do that when Deputies are hired.

Lastly, we will be adding 2 more School Resource Deputies for a total of 3 to insert into our schools.   This is a very positive step for Josephine County and we are pleased with the outcome.

Levy Promises made, Levy Promises kept.

In May of 2017 Josephine County citizens passed a levy funding the operations of the Josephine County Jail.  Promised in that levy were:

  • Rising to the capacity of 185 inmates.
  • All persons arrested in Josephine County could be incarcerated at the discretion of Deputies, Troopers and Officers in the field.
  • An external audit would be conducted to ensure all funds raised by the levy were being appropriately spent on jail operations.

To date the Josephine County Sheriff’s Office has received 442 applications for Correctional Deputy positions.  From that pool, to date 16 have been hired and have been through the training process or are still being trained.  There are 7 positions left to be filled and applications are still being accepted through the Josephine County Human Resource Department.  

This release is to inform the public that beginning September 1st, 2018 the capacity of the Josephine County Jail will be at 185 as promised.  Effective immediately, all persons arrested within Josephine County by City, County, State and Federal law enforcement may be brought and booked into the Josephine County Jail as promised.  Lastly, an internal preliminary audit of correctional funds was conducted in June of 2018 and an external annual audit is scheduled for October of 2018. This audit was decided to be held in October in an effort to save costs by tying in with the Josephine County Annual Audit.

In addition, beginning August 19th, 2018 patrol services from the Sheriff’s Office increased from 10 hours to 12 hours in a 24 hour period 7 days a week.  This was as a result of newly hired Deputies completing their training programs.

It is a positive time for the Josephine County Sheriff’s Office and all law abiding citizens of Josephine County.  It remains our mission to increase both trust and transparency of the Josephine County Sheriff’s Office. On behalf of all Sheriff’s Office employees, thank you for your patience in attaining these goals/promises and it is an honor to serve you.

— Sheriff Daniel